Take Action: Support Ohio Voting Rights

Take Action: Support Ohio Voting Rights

Ohio Young Democrats: Statehouse Issue Advocacy Alert

Voting rights is a very important issue for young Democrats in Ohio.  We all know that if you start voting early on in your life it becomes a routine.  But more than that, we want to make sure that we have the opportunity to make our voices heard in each and every election.  There are two bills that have been introduced thus far in the General Assembly that will have an important impact on the voting rights of young voters.  One is good and one is downright ugly.

The Good:

HB14 was recently introduced by State Representative (and fellow young democrat) Kathleen Clyde.  It would make voter registration automatic in the Buckeye State.  This would put a stop to the constant changes to voter registration rules that caused more than 1M Ohioans to be purged from the voting rolls.  However, Speaker Rosenberger has refused to give the bill a hearing.

The Ugly:

HB41 was recently introduced by Republican State Representative and the only currently announced R Candidate for Secretary of State, Dorothy Pelanda. If this bill passes, it will make the requirements for in person early voting stricter than for other forms of early voting.  Wonder why?  Statistics show that women voters, African American voters and Democrats overall tend to utilize this method of voting.  This bill would adversely impact young voters who don’t yet have a bank account or a utility bill in their name, making it nearly impossible for them to produce the required identification for voting.   The scariest part, this bill is getting hearings.  It’s about to have its second hearing in the House Government Accountability and Oversight.

What Can Young Dems Do?

  1. Call and write your State Representative. Tell them that HB14 deserves to have hearings and demand that they vote against HB41. Tell them it will have a negative impact on young voters and that we should me be making it easier for Ohioans to vote, not harder. Find the contact information for your Representative here.  Not sure who your Representative is?  Use this tool to find your Rep.

Once you’ve called and written your representative. Consider calling the members of the House Leadership.  Tell them to give HB14 a hearing.  You can find a list of the leaders here.

  1. Use your social media power. Tweet at your representatives. Use the hashtags #HB14, #HB41 and #OHLeg

Here are a few sample tweets you can use/amend:

#HB14 would make voter registration automatic in Ohio. @CARosenberger - will you give it a hearing?  #OHLeg

#HB41 would make it harder for young Ohioans to cast their ballot. Vote note no @YOURSTATEREP #OHLeg

Automatic Voter Reg. is easy, efficient, & effective. #HB14 would bring it to Ohio. It deserves a hearing. #OHLeg

OH is one of 20 states that could pass automatic voter registration. We need it to ensure Ohioans make their voices heard. Pass #HB14 #OHLeg

.@PelandaforOhio introduced #HB41 to confuse Ohio voters & make it harder to vote early.  We can’t let her become SOS.

If passed, #HB41 will confuse Ohio voters (different types of ID needed to vote absentee) & make it harder to vote early. Vote NO #OHLeg

  1. Ask a friend to follow your lead. Our voices are strongest when they are amplified by others. Ask a friend to join you in this action. Announce it at you chapter’s next meeting or your county party’s next central committee gathering.  Together, we can make a difference!

Looking to be more involved on social media? Follow the Ohio Young Democrats on Facebook and Twitter today, then save and share the images below: 


Christopher Clevenger