Update on OYD's 2019 Campaign Efforts from our Campaigns Chair

Update on OYD’s 2019 Campaign Efforts from our Campaigns Chair

I know that right now the 2020 presidential primary is exciting, and believe me, I'm excited to put a real president back in the White House. But we have important work this fall. 

We have nearly 100 young candidates running across the Buckeye State and we're all in here at OYD. 

We're kicking off our general election campaign efforts later this month with our first ever "Young Gets It Done Campaign Crash Course." This is a free, one day of training specifically for candidates under 40, taught by young electeds and operatives. Bonus: We're going to have free networking and food after! 

Are you a YD candidates on the ballot this year?  We hope you can join us!  All we ask is that you register. Click below to sign up for this free training. 

Register for the Young Gets It Done Campaign Course

BUT we're not stopping there. I want to take a couple minutes to let you know all the hard work we have ahead of us:Right now the campaigns committee, comprised of leaders from all across the state, are vetting the 100 candidates that were submitted to us using the google form we sent around earlier this year/shared across social media.  Once we've finalized our candidate list, we've got a lot of work to do. OYD will host 4 days of action around the state. City, Township, Urban, Rural, whatever. We're not backing down from any challenge. Mark your calendar now:

- Saturday, September 14
- Saturday, September 28 (following our next OYD Meeting - more on that next week)
- Saturday, October 12
- Saturday, November 2nd

We're also planning remote text banks, a friendly voter registration competition, and more. And, not only are we taking strong field actions, we're putting our digital presence to work by profiling candidates and even have plans to put some paid advertising to work to help get out the vote.

In sum, we're extremely excited about the caliber of the YD candidates running in Ohio this year and our 2019 Campaign Plan. Our work this year, will lay the foundation for our work in 2020.  However, to quote everyone's favorite fundraising line, I'll be blunt: campaigns cost money. Even if you're not on the ballot, the people running this November are going to have direct impact on your lives, so we're doing everything we can to make sure this impact starts with Young Dems. Can you chip in $5 to help us fund our campaign?

Support OYD's 2019 Campaign Efforts

We'll be sharing more about our upcoming days of action, our endorsed candidates and our overall 2019 efforts in the coming weeks.  Thanks in advance for all of your efforts to help elect Young Democrats this year.  In the meantime, if you have questions, please feel free to connect with me! 

In solidarity,
Christopher Anderson
Ohio Young Democrats, Vice President of Campaigns 

Jen House

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