Get to Know Dan Milleson

Get to Know Dan Milleson

MillesonName: Dan Milleson
Office you’re seeking: Ohio HD 95
Are you an incumbent? No
If no, do you currently hold an elected office? No
Age: 30
Facebook: milleson95th Twitter: milleson95th

Tell us a little bit about yourself (i.e. where are you from, where’d you go to school, what you do for a living, etc.)

I had a somewhat typical 90s childhood like the one often depicted in memes. From Appalachia. Business Degree from OU. I own an insurance agency with 3 locations in Jefferson, Belmont and Harrison Counties. Also co-own a small 24 hour gym in Cadiz, Ohio where I reside.

Why are you running for this office?

As Aftab Pureval so eloquently put it - I, too, feel “the urgency of now.”

What are the most important issues on your campaign?

Education, Public Health, and Local Government Funding

Give us a fun fact about yourself.

I once skied (fell) down the highest peak in Breckenridge, Colorado with little-to-no experience due to over-competitiveness, so I’m just happy to be here.

What’s your favorite thing about Ohio?

We get to truly experience all four seasons.

Which team is your favorite sports team? If there’s a fun reason why, tell us!

All Cleveland all the time. It goes back generations on my paternal side.

If you were a professional athlete what song would you choose to be your “walk out” song?

“Can’t You Hear me Knocking” by The Rolling Stones

What TV show have you binge watched entirely too fast?

“Breaking Bad”

If you were an Olympic athlete, what sport would you compete in?


Most importantly, how can young Dems help in your campaign?

Help me turn out the 18-35 age group!