Get to Know Eric Heffinger

Get to Know Eric Heffinger

Name: Eric Heffinger
Office you’re seeking: City of Medina Ward 3 Councilperson
Are you an incumbent? Yes
Age: 32
Facebook: @CouncilmanHeffinger


Tell us a little bit about yourself (i.e. where are you from, where’d you go to school, what you do for a living, etc.)
I grew up in Medina, Ohio and I graduated from Buckeye High School, where I met my wife. I then went on to get degrees from Bowling Green State University and the University of Akron. I now teach high school English and journalism and I am raising three wonderful children.

Why are you running for this office?
I love my community. It is where I was raised and where I am raising my own children. I want this city to be successful and I believe our city has the potential to grow in outstanding ways. I was fortunate enough to be appointed to this position and since taking the seat, I have had the pleasure on working with many community members on some passionate projects that make this a better community to live. I am running because I want to continue being a voice for those transformative ideas and I want to keep helping.

What are the most important issues on your campaign?

  • Preserving Medina's History
  • Making Medina accessible and livable for all residents
  • Creating opportunities for all families
  • Attracting new talent and families to Medina
  • Reliably communicating the progress of the city
  • Building a sustainable community

Give us a fun fact about yourself.
I am a two-time cancer survivor.

What’s your favorite thing about Ohio?
The people.

Which team is your favorite sports team? If there’s a fun reason why, tell us!
Cleveland Indians. I don’t have a fun story with it… I was just born a Cleveland fan and when I was young the Indians were the hottest ticket in town.

If you were a professional athlete what song would you choose to be your “walk out” song?
“Legendary” by Welshly Arms

What TV show have you binge watched entirely too fast?
Parks and Rec, which originally I thought was a comedy, but then I got into public service and realized it is actually a documentary.

Most importantly, how can young Dems help in your campaign?
I could use door knockers and lit droppers.


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