Get to Know Kelly Kraus Mencke

Get to Know Kelly Kraus Mencke

Name: Kelly Kraus Mencke
Office you’re seeking: State Representative of the 55th 
Are you an incumbent? No
If no, do you currently hold an elected office? No
Age: 37
Facebook: KKMencke4Families Twitter: @KKM4Families

Tell us a little bit about yourself (i.e. where are you from, where’d you go to school, what you do for a living, etc.)

I am a wife, mother, working woman, and candidate for Ohio House District 55. I aim to bring truthfulness and accountability to the Ohio House. I graduated from Cleveland State University. My husband, Matthew, and I are raising our 3 children at our home in Elyria. I work at Cision, a SAAS company, focused on public relations and marketing services. I have worked with them for over 11 years. We are active at our church, St. Agnes. My children and I participate in our church Tots ministry, where I lead as a Chatecist. We enjoy community events and live compassionately by taking the time to give back. We hosted our first Diaper Drive last Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve and we hope to grow it this year.

Why are you running for this office? 

I am running for office because the voices of real Ohioans’ have been unrecognized in Ohio’s House of Representatives. Operation of the supermajority and their actions on policy, law, and, state services have raised the needs of communities, unions, organizations to stand together to be heard. I commend that action! I, through, truthful and accountable leaderships, seek this office to be the voice of those who join together and have fought through the last 6 years for rights of working families. This is my take 2 to bring the 55th back to blue!

What are the most important issues on your campaign? 

The most important issues on my campaign are:

  1. Good-paying jobs
    2. Great Schools
    3. Transparency and Accessibility in Ohio's government

Give us a fun fact about yourself. 

I played a variety of sports while in school and more after graduating. Now, we are hiking more as a family and recently tried rafting as a party of five! Our activity goal this year is to visit each of Ohio’s state parks in Lorain and Cuyahoga counties.

What’s your favorite thing about Ohio? 

My favorite thing about Ohio is the beautiful sense of community Ohioans have. Visiting festivals on the main street is one of the best activities. It’s when everyone comes together to celebrate what’s great about their community and each other, from leaders, to artisans, to entrepreneurs, and musicians.

Which team is your favorite sports team? If there’s a fun reason why, tell us!  

My favorite sports team is the NY Giants. My Pop Pop Kraus tried out for them after he served in the Navy during WWII and before he worked for NY Central.

If you were a professional athlete what song would you choose to be your “walk out” song? 

Thunder by Imagine Dragons

What TV show have you binge watched entirely too fast? 

Call the Midwife – it was a perfect show to watch on maternity leave with my daughter, Etta. Six seasons flew by while we bonded.

If you were an Olympic athlete, what sport would you compete in? 

I would compete in triathlon. I love swimming and biking. Running, I will push myself through it.

Most importantly, how can young Dems help in your campaign? 

Young Dems, text everyone you know in Avon Lake, Sheffield Village, Elyria, western North Ridgeville, Grafton, Elyria and Carlisle Twps and tell them to vote for Kelly!