Ohio Young Democrats to Host National Conference

Ohio Young Democrats to Host National Conference

COLUMBUS, OH – The Ohio Young Democrats are excited to host young Democrats from around the country in the Buckeye state. The Young Democrats of America, the largest youth-led partisan political organization in the United States, announced Monday morning that their next conference would be held in Columbus the weekend of March 18-20.

The host committee for the Spring Meeting consists of fourteen Young Democrats across the State, including national officers for the Young Democrats of America, Columbus City Councilman Shannon Hardin, and Franklin County Young Democrats President Jen House.

“Columbus is a vibrant, open, young, fun and progressive city and we can’t wait to host the Young Democrats of America here,” House said. “We’re home to top notch political talent, the largest Young Dems chapter in Ohio and we’re the capital of one of the most important states in the 2016 presidential election – YDA couldn’t have chosen a better location for the Spring Meeting.”

The last time Columbus hosted a conference for the Young Democrats of America was in the Spring of 1997, when Ohio native Michael E. Sexton, former manager of the Franklin County Board of Elections, was President of the Young Democrats of America.

"YDA is committed to helping elect a Democratic President in 2016, and Ohio is key to that victory. We are excited to be coming to Ohio for our next meeting, but more importantly to be working with the Ohio Young Democrats until election day to help build the organization and elect Democrats up and down the ticket," said YDA President Louis Elrod of Georgia.

Ohio is the heart of it all, especially when it comes to American politics. The last Democrat to win the presidency without winning Ohio was President John F. Kennedy in 1960. In fact, no Republican has ever won the presidency without the support of Ohio’s voters.

To view the conference registration page click here.

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