OYD Stands With Planned Parenthood

OYD Stands With Planned Parenthood

Legislators in the Ohio House passed HB294 today to deny both state and federal (passed through the state health department) funding to any organization that performs abortions, even if the money isn’t used for abortions (which is already against the law). The bill is aimed to stop funding for Planned Parenthood – a nonprofit organization that provides basic medical services to thousands of Ohio men and women.

Here are the facts:

  1. Planned Parenthood reports that it saw more than 50,000 patients during nearly 100,000 visits in Ohio last year. The vast majority of these visits were for wellness checks, family planning, tests for sexually transmitted diseases, and cancer screenings. Abortions accounted for two percent of its services.
  2. If this legislation is enacted - there will not be enough health care facilities to provide the same timely services and health care expertise offered by Planned Parenthood. In fact, the Ohio Public Health Association is concerned that city and county health departments, free clinics and pregnancy resource centers won't have the capacity to care for thousands of additional women who will no longer be able to seek care at Planned Parenthood.
  3. State and Federal money is not used for abortion services. This is against both state and federal laws.
  4. Planned Parenthood centers in Ohio do not sell fetal tissue.

“Republican legislators in Ohio are lying to their constituents. The bills to ban funding to Planned Parenthood – won’t increase Ohio women’s access to health care," said OYD First Vice President Jen House. "This will make it far more difficult for Ohio women to receive critical health care services, end of story."

We strongly urge all of our members to Stand with Planned Parenthood and call Governor Kasich at (614) 466-3555. Urge him to veto any legislation banning funding to Planned Parenthood. Tweet at him (@JohnKasich) and tell him to use his veto power for the good of Ohio’s women.

What Ohio Democrats are saying:

  • Rep. Stephanie Howse: "We are terminating programs that are designed to help Ohioans in their darkest hour." (@StephanieHowse)
  • Rep. Nickie Antonio: "This is about ideological opposition to a woman’s right to choose. Let’s be honest." (@NickieAntonio)
  • Rep. Dan Ramos: "What does the Ohio General Assembly have against women seeing the doctor? That's what this bill prevents - women seeing their doctors. Women choosing their doctors. We're trading all of that for political points, and risking women's rights." (@RepDanRamos)
  • Rep. Emilia Sykes: "The women in the state of Ohio deserve better than HB 294. Cutting off access to essential health care will Undermine the public's health and produce dire consequences that will be felt throughout all segments of our communities. Playing politics with women's health is unacceptable and I am terribly disappointed with the outcome of today's vote." (@EmiliaSykesOH)
  • Rep. Greta Johnson: “I’m extremely disappointed in the majority’s actions to defund programs aimed at combatting infant mortality, addressing dating violence, providing sexual education, and other services critical to maintaining a healthy Ohio. It is a misinformed assumption that other providers can step in to immediately deliver these services as completely and effectively as Planned Parenthood.”(@RepGretaJohnson)

Christopher Clevenger