Get to Know Kristin Boggs


Get to Know 2016 Endorsed Candidate Kristin Boggs

Name: Kristin Boggs 12265764_967080800033618_7424441777135575599_o

Office you’re seeking: State Representative, Ohio House District 18

Age: 38

Twitter: @Boggs4Ohio


Why are you running? I am running because I am tired of watching Ohio’s State Legislature continue to enact legislation that does not reflect my values, or the values I believe most Ohioans hold. The constant attack on women’s access to reproductive health care, organized labor, and funding for education has replaced meaningful debate about how to grow the economy, create jobs, reduce poverty, and provide opportunities for people in Ohio to achieve success. I want Ohio’s State Legislature to get back to working on issues that can really help make people’s lives better.

What are the most important issues on your campaign?   Affordable higher education and economic sustainability are the two things I hear about most from my constituents. I believe creating and maintaining an affordable and innovative public university system is the best way to bring, create, and keep good paying jobs to Ohio. The U.S. economy demands workers with increasing levels of education beyond high school, and employers need to know that Ohio has a highly skilled and readily accessible workforce. But, we need to address student loan debt. As student loans have now surpassed credit card debt, young people are delaying purchasing cars, buying homes, and getting married--all economic drivers.  We know that strapping young people with large debt loads hurts the economy and stifles job creation. I believe the state legislature should be doing everything in its power to address this issue.

Give us a fun fact about yourself. I spent a summer in Costa Rica learning how to surf and speak Spanish, but unfortunately I don’t do either very well.

Who is your favorite president? Why? Andrew Jackson. I know that looking through a modern lens that there is more wrong than right with President Jackson—but he gave us the donkey.  His opponents called him a jack-ass, and he embraced the emblem as an image of his strong will.  Even in a modern era, that would still be a savvy communications spin.

What’s your favorite food on the campaign trail? Why? Ice cream—because I’m 7 months pregnant!

If you could be a superhero, who would you be? Why? Spiderman—because I imagine him being tiny and spry, and I love that he is so acrobatic and aerodynamic! Plus, I think having to wear a cape all the time would get annoying.

If you were a professional athlete what song would you choose to be your “walk out” song? For last year’s softball playoffs my walkout song was the instrumental version of Flogging Molly’s Drunken Lullabies

What was your first paid job? Working at the local library shelving books after school.

How can young dems help in your race?   Volunteer to canvass and share/repost information about my race on social media![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]