Get to Know Kerry McCormack

Get to Know 2017 Endorsed Candidate ... Kerry McCormack

Name: Kerry McCormack
Office you’re seeking: Ward 3 Cleveland City Council
Are you an incumbent? If so, how many years?: Yes, 1 year 4 months
Age: 29
Twitter: @KerryMcCormack1

Why are you running?  

I was born and raised in the City of Cleveland and am deeply passionate about its wellbeing. The overall wellbeing of the city is a complicated topic, but I’m excited to continue working on major issues that improve the quality of life and vitality of everyone. These major issues revolve around continued economic development and momentum, creative housing options and amenities for people of all income levels and backgrounds, setting a plan to build people-friendly and equitable infrastructure of the future, bringing our diverse community together through great public spaces and quality programming and much more. We’ve come a long way in Cleveland, but there is so much more potential that we can leverage.

What are the most important issues on your campaign?   

  1. Increased quality of life for all residents. This includes high quality educational opportunities, safety, community-building and recreational activities, high performing city services and more.
  2. Balanced economic development and opportunity. Although we’ve seen huge progress in Cleveland, we are a city that has lost half of its population and thousands of jobs. We must encourage investment that creates jobs, opens new small businesses and builds new housing. With that said, our community must be intentional in our growth to ensure that more affordable housing options are being built, amenities that cater to all people are popping up and that all people are being linked into economic growth and wealth creation.
  3. Setting the stage for the future of our city. We’ve got to think big in Cleveland. We can’t rest on the successes that we’ve seen so far, we have to challenge ourselves to think about how we can set our city up to flourish for decades to come. This involves many things, but on the local level we should be focusing on how people move around our city, what type of infrastructure is being built that is people-friendly and that attracts investment, green energy and infrastructure, high quality public spaces and beyond. We also have to continue to evolve our city government so that is it easy to use and so that it matches the demands of the current day and future.

Give us a fun fact about yourself. 

I have been to 25 countries on 5 continents.

Who is your favorite president? Why?  

Barack Obama is really the president that I associate most with and the president who stood up for many tough causes, including LGBT rights.

What’s your favorite food on the campaign trail? Why?

Ohio City Burrito. Because it’s amazing

If you could be a superhero, who would you be? Why? 

My mother because she is the most impressive person I’ve ever known.

If you were a professional athlete what song would you choose to be your “walk out” song? 

Anything by The Rolling Stones

What was your first paid job? 

Working side jobs for a local pipe-fitter

How can young dems help in your race?  

I would love for the young dems to give me feedback on what they feel are important issues in our community, come to my meet and greets, sign up to volunteer and follow the campaign!