Get to Know Mike Kerrigan


Get to Know 2016 Endorsed Candidate Mike Kerrigan

Name: Mike Kerrigan Kerrigan

Office you’re seeking: Portage County Commissioner (Term Commencing 1/3/17)

Age: 30

Twitter handle: @mikekerriganjr

Why are you running? Portage County has come a long way since the depths of the Great Recession.  But while our cities and college towns continue to progress, most of our townships and villages have not seen the spillover effect that we had once hoped for.

Today we find ourselves at a crossroads: continue the status quo and allow our communities to thrive or fail in isolation, or demand better collaboration so that everyone in Portage County is provided an equal chance to achieve their dreams.

I choose the later, and to do this I believe that a new generation of county government must emerge. This, coupled with my personal charge to ‘do the most good’ is why I chose to run for Portage County Commissioner.

What are the most important issues on your campaign?  

-Promoting Economic Development While Retaining Our Rural Charm

-Collaborating for Shared Services to Save Taxpayer Money

-Expanding Treatment Options to Address the Growing Drug Crisis

-Supporting Our Students while Building an Advanced Economy

-Leaving Behind a Cleaner Environment for Generations to Come

Give us a fun fact about yourself. My wife and I are avid world travelers, having visited 16 countries and 26 states in the seven years we’ve been married.  We’ve starting sharing this love of traveling with our 4-year-old daughter, who has joined us in 4 countries and 16 states.

Who is your favorite president? Why? James A Garfield, Portage County’s President: While he wasn’t born here, he did attend Hiram College and was also its’ President from 1857-1861.

What’s your favorite food on the campaign trail? Why? Pancake breakfasts are the best!  My wife is totally over them, but I can’t get enough.  I’m just a fan of breakfast in general.

If you could be a superhero, who would you be? Why? Batman, because he’s just a regular guy with awesome toys!  Money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy the Batmobile.

If you were a professional athlete what song would you choose to be your “walk out” song? “Jump” by Van Halen

What was your first paid job? McDonald’s in Rootstown, OH.  It’s been since high school that I worked there, but there are still things on the menu that I can’t stomach.

How can young dems help in your race?   Awareness of the importance of down ballot races is critical.  With Portage County having so many student voters that are more likely to vote for president and senate and skip down ballot, this is doubly important.  Young dems can engage their peers in conversations about the importance of electing democrats up and down the ballot so that our core beliefs can be made into reality at all levels of government and not just at the top.

Come canvass with OYD in support of Mike's campaign on Saturday, October 29th after our OYD Meeting.  RSVP and get the details HERE.